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What is Managed Print Services (MPS) – How Can it Help My Business?

When you say Managed Print Services (MPS), many people have a different idea of what MPS is – a contract for printer repair service and supplies, a click charge per page, outsourced printing, and other descriptions will possibly come to mind. Some industry consultants define MPS as “proactively managing and optimizing your printing and imaging […]

How Upgrading to Windows 7 Can Impact Your Printer Fleet

When upgrading to Microsoft Windows 7, you should be aware there might be compatibility issues with certain HP devices running in a Windows 7 environment. HP maintains a list of devices that are not currently supported in the Windows 7 operating system on their website. Please see HP’s website for a current list, as they […]

Top 10 Drivers for Managed Print Services

If you’re like most businesses, you want your printing to be both efficient and cost effective. By implementing managed print services, you can focus on the more important aspects of building your business. Clients who have an interest in securing MPS for their office are often concerned with one or more of ten key drivers […]

Do Your Printers and Copiers Pose a Security Risk?

Confidentiality is a hot topic these days with everyone trying to keep personal information…well, personal. Same goes for companies needing to keep company confidential information and documents… confidential. Businesses today need to take precautionary measures to make sure their copiers, printers and multifunction printer (MFP) devices don’t pose a security risk. Many of these devices […]

Color Printing Costs – Take Control

Color printing can provide numerous benefits for your business. Research has proven that color retains the reader’s attention and improves comprehension by up to 73%. It can help make your brand more recognizable, highlight details in presentations, and even expedite the arrival of payments from your customers when you use color on your invoices. But […]

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