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10 Rules-Based Printing Tips to Reduce your Print Costs Today

If you’re reading this then you’ve already heard about rules-based printing, and if you’re reading this then you’re wondering how it can help you. Beyond the productivity, control and information gains that a rules-based printing environment brings, you can also reduce your overall print footprint. A footprint that determines how large your printing expenditure is […]

Mobile Printing Strategy – Negating Security Risks

Mobility terrifies many IT directors, and for good reason-it compromises their security in new and scary ways. Any high-tech pickpocket now has the ability to penetrate their company’s network. While security is always a concern, it is a prime concern when you’re talking about mobile strategies and implementations. Mobile printing in particular poses a number […]

Your 6-Step Strategy to Print Security

If you’re reading this, then congrats—you’ve been doing your homework and know that there are security threats inherent in printing, you’ve also recognized a set of security threats that go overlooked. These days, printers are computers and require similar security- they are connected and networked. They retain sensitive data, that like any corporate data, can […]

Is your ‘Mobile’ Print Solution TRULY Mobile?

How much productivity would you lose if your company destroyed all its mobile devices? Don’t worry—we won’t ask you to do the math. The answer is a lot. But the truth is—you are losing just as much productivity by not empowering those mobile users in the same way as you empower them on their stationary […]

Managed Print Services Implementation: Superhero Needed

Managed-Print Superheros are like most of our masked avengers, self-sacrificing soldiers willing to take responsibility for the city’s (or company’s) crime. The crime in this case: the company’s over-spending on printing. A crime that the entire company is guilty of, but nobody really takes responsibility for.  A crime that eats as much out of some […]

Troubleshooting Paper-Related Printer and Copier Issues

If you’re reading this then you’re likely the one in charge of paper-related printer and copier issues. You poor soul. These issues are likely the bane of your corporate existence, with event after paper-jamming event. 

While we can’t come unjam the printer for you—well, we could but that would cost you money (try the free […]

Rating Your MFP/Printer Service Provider’s Effectiveness

What is the most critical measurement(s) for customers to look at in quarterly reviews with their MFP/Printer service provider to measure their service department’s effectiveness? Many service providers try to make an “Uptime Guarantee” the number one measurement and focus for many customers. But what is really in the calculation of this so called critical […]